01 March 2011

my life

1. I am takenn by AZWAN , don't ever disturb our relationship ♥
2. I like orange colour , follow with blue and pink !
3. I love astro boy more than hello kitty (hello kitty ramai ownx suka)
4. Eyeliner has a great meaning to me cause my mata sepet/layu . Hoho
5. I love high heels (biar nmpak tinggi)
6. I hug one soft pillow when i sleep actually pink pillow and i have to cover my face with something.
7. I like it when people tell me you are appreciated !
8. I need money
9. I miss my friends
10. I love music
11. I am friendly because don't know how to reject people
12. I love to malukan people who make me hurt
13. I am mature ,xpercaya so ? haha
14.actually dh b'tudung sejak form5 lalalalaalala ;)
15.azwan is my life , my everythingg .

p/s : try baju try baju (beli td dgn yatie & mina)

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