11 February 2013

i miss you, boyfriend.

Love does't need to be perfect, its needs to be true..when i think you had to leave me for a while, i cannot accept all these, terlalu sukar sebenarnya..even only 4 or 5 month but it is very painful. i don't sleep too good but i'm fine..Belajar terima kenyataan. Setiap hari i still waiting waiting waiting.. no call no msg..i just only able count the days to meet you again..i hope everything gonna be okay.. i patiently wait for you.. but ALHAMDULILLAH.. 9 february, dua hari lepass dapat jugak jumpa awak.. hmm botak hitam kurus sikit... serius kalau jumpa kot jalan tobat tak kenai dah.. hahaha :D 

Actually, we have been together for 2 years, 1 month and 17 days.. i'm really really really really really happy with him.. Thanks to god :)

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