04 January 2011

18 birthday wishlist

it is exactly 4 days left before I turn 18 years old! I’m excited and yet a 
little bit upset because I’m getting old! Hahahahaha.
 I can’t wait to celebrate it with my family insya-Allah.This year is gonna
 be a little special because I’m going to celebrate it with my big family.
Can’t wait. Can’t wait.  :) 
01. Lighting up the candles on the cake
02. ada ownx nyanyi birthday song for me :)

03.i want a special birthday wishes from him (tuttt..tuuttt...) 
and my frends x lupa my birthday. i hope.
04. be a sweet and fun person in tis year!! 
05. have much time to hang out with my girls, 
yatie amalina tikah yana phanitta n kyn plus some old frens and others
06. i just want a simple birthday. 
07. more holidays, good hair and skin days and a good health .
08. hope i found a wonderful things happening in the year!!
09.I love beautiful cloth.I love fashion,i need to spent a 
lot of money to buy beautiful clothes, 
10. try to be cool, be yourself and try to make my life happier 
11. hargai apa yg ada.
12. i hope My dreams came true and allah answer to my prayers
13. yg paling penting nehh, try to be a matured girl haha
14. have a great smiling life, selalu dpt 
chocolate dri temans2 woooww bhgia!
15. someone tht cares about me all the time i hope... :))
16. free my mind from worries.
17. tunggu my gaji bulanan dari my mum agar bole 
shopping2 lagi ( sknx my work jd bibik kt rumah sndiri)
18. and.. the last wishes is jd ownx yg baik utk ownx lain
 and shall not regret when i already go through it. 

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