05 March 2011


Yesterday or yesterday morning

around 2 a.m in the morning , I was bored and can't sleep
SO,i tell my husband (azwan) to call me (S.S) before i sleep
Here are my victims :)

Yeahh , ini dia my number two in my heart . HAHA
after kawin bru jd number one oke??

After a few beeps HE CALLED me and i ANSWERED a call !
talk talk talk sampai abis TIME SS tue (supersaver) then aku pulak yg call
dia and dia temans kan aku smpai aku tido 
YEAY! At first it was quiet , so I just kept quite laa kan
Then HE said Hello , and me dah start dream him dh pun (dh tido) :D

truly from my heartI want you to know that I love you. I never stopped, I never stopped thinking about you, even though you stopped thinking about me (tp aku xharap mcm tue oke) But now, i really miss everything about you .

This is so sweet than the other's, 
i hope someone will give it to me ;D

p/s : td gadohh sikt pasal tis post aku kt FB 
snstif laa kamo b ;D


uniquenature said...

awiniyh snstif sbb syg larhh pandai2 jewp uat ayat mcm uhh...


winduu tangat2 mcm ptng tady

nurermyantiazreen said...

heheh knpa laa syg kuwhh swnx nehh snstif gela...? ehheh
trik telinga bru taw amboihhhhh.......