22 January 2012


Happy birthday to me! yeah i'm 19 years old now and getting older day by day and yeahh i terlambat nak abdet kat sini ! my birthday 8 january dah lama lepas pun .Lovely friends thanks for wishes ya!
wish list in my mind
1. to have a better life.
2. have a good, loving and faithful future husband.
3. get good result in every examinations.
4. smile more.
5. make alot of new friends.
6. i wish i could see the look on my hubby face
 when he read my text messages. haha
7. successful in everything that i did.
8.  i wish my life in PTSS become more happiness.
9. i wanna be a good student in my college.
10. i'm hate everything that can change people.
 i wish everything still like now.

i've got a gift from my family . 
 thankyou so much.